Guru (1)

In a mountainous and 10.000 islands of Nusantara there was, a school of the most surprising and great reputation that well-known all around the nation. It was surrounded on all sides by steep and rocky mountains, rising into peaks, which were always covered with mist of challenges and temptations. In this school, people are educated […]

Insomnia is an Act of Forgetting Something without Surpassing the Past

Once I had a dream. I have forgotten the exact time but it was a distinct one, though. On that dream, I saw a black male with long-curly hair wearing a blue-sky coloured T-Shirt. He was walking down the road, on a sunny day with a cool sunglasses. However, the most interesting part was not […]

Sharing Fortune among Nations

The achievement of developed countries has happened due to several variables. Two of these variables are good education which creates high quality human resources and raw materials as the production input for branded products that is taken mostly from developing countries. Since poorer nations have became one of significant factors that take wealthy nations into […]