Catatan Ayah #2: Tears of Happiness and Sadness

It was hard to believe what I just watched on Thursday morning, February 19th, 2015. Yes, that day is a very important day for me and undoubtedly one of the best days in my life. My son, my first child was born through Caesarian section.

Indeed it is not considered as a normal birth through the eyes of most homo sapiens. Furthermore, my son was delivered three weeks than he supposed to.  Nonetheless, is there anything else that I can do about this? My wife suffered from preeclampsia.

In case anyone of you who read my story feel a little bit alienated with this word, preeclampsia is a disorder of pregnancy and is characterized by high blood pressure, swelling body parts, and high amount of protein in the urine.

This pregnancy complication must undergo a serious treatment as soon as possible since it may cause severe health damage to the mother as well as the fetus. The worst case scenario about preeclampsia is… you might see both love of your life and the heart of your love go to heaven. Scary isn’t it?

Anyway, I named my son Airlangga and he came out fairly healthy. Though he was a little bit affected by the preeclampsia my wife suffered from, so he had to stay in the incubator for a week, I believe my son is strong.

I still remembered when I said to myself, “Airlangga, you are strong. Daddy loves you, deeply, fondly. Your mother also loves you, stronger than myself. Therefore, we know you will go through all these windy events and we will stay strong as a family.”

I have to admit when I said those words, I felt sudden burst of tears. I felt happy and sad at the same time. I felt happy because I have a son, my wife was in good condition, and my big family and friends supported and cheered me.

I also stumbled by sadness because I believe, it is really hard for all parents to see their child have to stay in neo natal intensive care unit (NICU), especially with all those pipes and life support equipments attach to their bodies.

Airlangga Battuta Sunoko di NICU

Airlangga Battuta Sunoko in incubator, NICU.

Thank God, my son had to stay only for one week in NICU and we could take him home. My advice to anyone and especially young readers who read this story, you have to know your parents love you, deeply and fondly. They will sad and their hearts cry when they know you are in bad moments. Therefore, they will do everything at their best to bring you back to beautiful and joyous life.

For these reasons, kindly love your parents, love your mother, love your father, and respect them.


Jakarta, 07 Oktober 2015

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