Ideas Nowadays

Teman-teman UK Petra Surabaya,

Setelah karya Felicia Audrey PrasetyoNatalia HandayaniRaymond Nathaniel HalimChentya Devalia, dan Ervan Alexander... Karya berikutnya yang saya tampilkan adalah karya Ian Karnadi Laksmono.

Kesan saya mengenai karya Ian Karnadi Laksmono antara lain:

  1. Kata kunci yang cukup jelas meski masih sangat umum, yaitu “Ideas”
  2. Bahasa Inggris dengan tata bahasa yang cukup baik
  3. Sangat rapih dan terstruktur
  4. Memiliki subjudul-subjudul yang jelas
  5. Alinea yang ramping
  6. Bersahabat dengan perilaku membaca di dunia internet

Terima kasih Ian atas karya yang sangat baik ini. Bagi teman-teman yang lain, selamat membaca! 🙂




Blog Andika Priyandana - Ideas

Nowadays, ideas become very scarce by the times going on. From the first ideas in history, the very meaning of ideas had changed. Ideas perceived mostly to be anything that developed from the first / original things.

How To Be Creative
Some people think that creative is gifted. The fact is, creativity is just giving your brain a chance to generate ideas. How ? One thing must be in your head : Have a happy mind. Not positive or optimistic, but letting your mind think freely.

Question : How To Provoke Ideas ?
Basically, there are no exact techniques to generate ideas, but ideas come from inspiration. Then here’s some way to inspire/ be inspired :
Clear your mind
Most people mistaken by think that ideas must be generated through complicated minds, complex philosophy and massive deep thinking. False, be inspired means that you let things going inside your head and let you naturally think deep about things.

Open mind
If the main idea is letting your brain itself to process things, then you need to open your mind really wide to absorb as much things as possible.

Understand what you want
The First Idea ever comes from realizing what do people need the most . By that, you can lead your imagination focused into certain things . Wild Imagination isn’t idea, it’s daydreaming.

Ideas Don’t Have To Be Original
As I said earlier, nowadays idea also could be meant to develop things that already existed. For example, BlackBerry Messenger was actually adopted system from Yahoo!Messenger . Or the Yahoo! Itself, perhaps.

At last, as long as you let your mind to be free(not wild) and take your time you can always generate Ideas anytime. Ideas areinside us already since we were born, so just go All-out !!




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