2nd Note from Singapore: Alarm, Rain, Lunar Eclipse and Morning Call

This morning, I was woken up by the sound of alarm at 4:45 am, Singapore time. The moment I opened my eyes, I also heard the sound of rain outside my room window.

So, I walked out from the bed, tried hardly to stay awake and walked onto the window, as I heard from the news there will be lunar eclipse this early morning. I wanted to see it.

And… Oh lala, what can I say? Though my room is one of the biggest in the hotel, it doesn’t have a nice view to the moon. In short, I could not see it. After all, it’s raining. However, I still could see Singapore in its early day, still covered with city lights. Ahh.. what a beautiful view of modernization.

Then, I came across the room, opened my laptop and started to write my blog. Suddenly, when I was still in the first paragraph, I received a phone call, exactly at 5:30 am. Yeah, that’s my morning call. I asked room service to give me a morning call yesterday.

Perfect service, this is what Singaporeans trying to deliver the moment I arrived in Changi airport. All the people, from the government to the citizens, are trying to deliver their best regarding perfect service to the customers and I have to say I feel much appreciated here.

Therefore, I put my experience in my blog. Because I want to share this with others and make the readers of my blog think and dream at the same time. Some kind of service though maybe not perfect yet. Furthermore, I do this because I believe every person in this world has at least one good story which is the reflection of some important items in its life. So, why don’t we share it?

Let our imagination wanders, make ourselves free enough to change direction whenever we write anything down. And when finally we reach to an end, imagine that we have gone through a long road and finally finish the journey by giving the best of ourselves.

One thing to remember, the end of our journey means a new adventure to a new adventure to explore. Nothing comes to an end, just like the summer, autumn, winter and spring. After you reach your objective, make another. Process and are what make us a real human being.

Have an excellent day, live your dream, enjoy life and share your happiness.

Sampai jumpa di lain kesempatan.

PS: You can see the realization of great imagination on the right 😀


2 thoughts on “2nd Note from Singapore: Alarm, Rain, Lunar Eclipse and Morning Call

  1. hey pal, i woke for the lunar eclipse too. it was unfortunate that the moon was hidden behind all the rainclouds. haha glad you like singapore.

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