#1. Singapore

Another day comes, another day goes…

Here I am, in Singapore, typing for my blog in the hotel’s room.

I don’t know for how many times I’ve been to this city-state. But this is the first time I visit Singapore for business purpose.

In term of business, I have to admit that I envy Singapore. Singapore is the world’s leading financial centre. The port is one of the busiest in the world. The GDP rocketed massively from $511 (1965) into $43,867 (2010). It means Singapore has more than 8500% of growth within 45 years.

Singapore also has the world’s highest percentage of millionaire households with very small percentage of unemployed active people (2%) and low poverty levels.

How about tourism? It takes large part of Singapore’s economy whilst for me, Singapore is not that interesting to be visited. Possibly because I am more like a traveller instead of a tourist.

I cannot find lots of natural and historical spots. Malls are also old-fashioned compared to malls in my country, Indonesia.

Nevertheless, what can I say? I still visit this country from time to time. I have to admit Singapore has competencies to be one of the wealthiest as well as richest countries in the world. I look up Singapore for these achievements.

Now, before I finish my writing, I will recall my dreams again, to be in the same path with others who want to build my country, my nation, my people, into a better future whilst purge personal ego.

Sampai jumpa di lain kesempatan.

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