Loving Job

Yana is a 28-year-old male who works in one of the biggest company in Indonesia. People around him see him as a person who has a stable life, bright career path as well as strong financial foundation. Moreover, he has a beautiful and smart fiancé and a lot of business mates. At a glance, seems he really having a good life which every man has ever dreamed on. Then, how about Yana’s own perspective?

“Absolutely, people around me see me as a person with a good life ahead. Yes indeed, when everything that is available to look at located on the surface. My company is one of the biggest company in Indonesia, owned by a multinational company that spread throughout the world. Sadly, I do not feel comfortable with my job at most, I hate my tasks, I hate the pressure, and societies hate my company in return as well as the product due to its negative effects to them and the environment. However, I still need the money. What a hypocrite I am huh? To make it worst, my fiancé agrees to engage with me but deep down inside her heart, she still loves somebody that cannot be owned. He body with me but not her mind… nor her love.”

What’s in a job? According to Peter F. Drucker and Joseph A. Maciariello’s The Daily Drucker, job is a duty as well as needs, curse as well as present. Job is an accomplishment. Job is a self development. Job is a means where someone able to explain about oneself, measuring own value also the humanity.

In a separate action, being unemployed creates problem to everyone who possess it. Jobless forms problem both physically and mentally. Going further, being jobless will be a humiliation to dignity and self-pride. That is why I would rather agree with Peter Drucker that the devil himself will find a job for them who empty handed.

Nonetheless, does having a job will carry away those problems that are derived from being jobless? In accordance to Yana’s case, no is the answer. In spite of his position, career, or salary, he is repulsed by his job in general. In a bid to make it clearer, his job does not affect him mentally in a positive way and Yana is not the only one who has the feeling. Several studies reveal that vast number of stress worker is increasing year by year. The causes of stress are the boss, the working environment, and the salary. This result is pretty similar with Yana’s problem causes.

Then, how to solve the problem? How to get a job that will have a positive effect both physically and mentally? One thing to bear in mind first, be realistic. Anything in this world has its own risk. Nothing is risk-free. Next, hopefully this one would be a good answer. Get a job which is suitable with the character, ability, and self-interest of the job seeker. It will be greater when one is doing a job which is one’s hobby as well. In example, if somebody likes football, has talent in football, absorbs knowledge about football fast, then be a football player.

Ryan is 27-year-old. He has worked in three different non-governmental organizations. Now he is working in an organization that concerning on clear Government Issue. People around him have a perception that his job has a low-wage and dangerous since the organization main task is scrutinizing on politician’s work and government employee. They have to make sure that both politician and government employee is doing a clean and clear work, i.e., free of corruption.

“I admit it, this job do not offer salary as big as profit-maximizing company does. However, I love this job. First, my family support me. Then, it is like; working in this place is been a nature call for me. Communities around are supporting us in doing this job. They do it because they have the same vision with us, making a clean government, although not everyone has courage to work here due to the risk. Finally, for me, the most important thing in having a job is mentally-satisfying first, and then physically-satisfying. That is what my job has given to me. ”

Now, how about yourself? What kind of job will you choose? At last, you call the shots.

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