Pencak Silat Tenaga Dasar

My ruined body* delivered me to my first Pencak Silat I learnt, Pencak Silat Tenaga Dasar (PSTD). My wrecked body made me believes if Pencak Silat is my way of life in learning martial art. My derelict body pushed me to learn PSTD breathing system with the purpose of returning my body to  great condition. Finally, my deserted body realised me if Pencak Silat is a part of my heart and my soul too and all were happened in less than two weeks.

I have so many fond memories with PSTD. Firstly, I would like to explain briefly about PSTD itself. PSTD was built by Jimmy Thaibsyah who was the student of Leonel Nasution, the founder or Kateda (now internationally known as Kixa) along with his master, Tagashi. Jimmy Thaibsyah established PSTD together with Bambang Trihatmodjo (son of former Indonesia president, Soeharto) and Rosano Barrack. In some part of PSTD’s history in Indonesia, there were tragedies involved (some opinion said). Several things that caused to the instability of the organizational structure had happened. In the end, PSTD broken up into several factions such as Kateda Matahari, Sindo (newest Jimmy Thaibsyah’s school of defence), and others. About what really happened during that time, I have no idea since I know nothing about PSTD at that time and I am not within the main circle as well. Now, PSTD is runned by Yayasan Amal Ikhlas which is owned by Rosano Barrack.

I started my experience in Pencak Silat from PSTD when I was a student at University of Diponegoro. There I learnt about the movement of PSTD style as well as the breathing system, which is the key of PSTD. One of my teachers said that I am allowed to learn anykind of martial art but I have to remember about PSTD breathing system. I keep those words in my mind until now. In line with the martial art itself, I was actively involved in the organization. I was the leader of PSTD student activity unit University of Diponegoro in my second year in PSTD. At that moment, I have lots of valuable friends which I will remember in my entire life. They are Wahyudin, Ahmad Sartono, Dwi Susanto, Dian Puspito, Toni Andri Wahyudi, Inayati Rahmah, Bambang and many more (sorry folks if I do not write all your names here J). There were good times and certainly, bad times. We had conflicts, many clashes, and all that made me realised of my immaturity and childish behaviour. I was really in love with it, to be honest.

Then, I became the head of PSTD for Central Java region. Here, I had another challenges and I conquered it well enough. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the process and the journey more than the result. I took pleasure while I had meeting with PSTD people in Magelang, Temanggung, and other cities. I had the benefit of my meeting with PSTD senior members who were not actively involved anymore. Last but not least, I liked my moments with PSTD gurus in Jakarta. There, I met and had trainings together with Kak Yayan Ruhiyan, Kak Berthes Ordedianus, Kak Berry Muhammad Sani, Kak Sugeng Ariyono, Kak Melky Lohy, Kak Rudy Trianto, Kak Dedi Hermawan, and Kak Mulyana. I had a great conversation as well with the leader of PSTD Indonesia, Pak Ade at Menara Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta.

Unfortunately, when I became a post-graduate student I was a little bit lost contact with my PSTD colleagues. I mean I still in contact with them but not as close as before. During those times, I heard other good and bad things about PSTD. I did hope to be involved directly in PSTD back then; however I had to focus with my study. Now, I had graduated and I still keep the dream.

*Read first on Pencak Silat : Indonesia Martial Art


5 thoughts on “Pencak Silat Tenaga Dasar

  1. Get your information right !
    This is false about PSTD :
    “there were a lot of tragedy involved. Intrigue, deception, greed, self-ego, infidelity had become the part, or most part of PSTD’s life. In the end, PSTD broken up into several faction such as Kateda Matahari, Sindo …”

    • I have edited my writing into more moderate one. Actually, I heard these opinions from the seniors. Although it happened in the past and I am not involved directly, still, I just re-wrote what I have heard. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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