Pencak Silat : Indonesia Martial Art

I am really into Pencak Silat. For you who do not know yet, Pencak Silat is a truly Indonesian martial art which is well-known for its artistic movement as well as the effectivity. Though, all kind of martial art would be considered as a good one when it is able to offer the learner an ability to protect one self.

During my life, I have learnt several martial arts. Started by a prominent Japanese martial art to the legendary  Chinese self defence as well. And none of them is able to seize my heart. I only learnt those martial arts due to their popularity which is written  and spoken through the magazines, movies, cartoon movie, or comic book. Then, when I was entering my life phase as an undergraduate student at University of Diponegoro, I was introduced to this martial art, Pencak Silat.

The brand of the Pencak Silat is Pencak Silat Tenaga Dasar (PSTD). The first reason why I was enlisting as one of the student was because of the trainers itself. Their name are Joko Rianto and Kusyogo Cahyo and I used to call them as Kak Joko and Kak Yogo. Back at that time, I still remember that I was hitting Kak Joko’s stomach lots of times only for testing the effectivity of PSTD’s breathing system. And the result, I was hurting myself to the bone-but I love it. About a week after I knocked all areas within his stomach, my entire body was wrecked with the worst part both my back and my shoulder.

Kak Joko said that what he has done was returning back my power when I was hitting his. I was amazed by his words and the fact of my ruined body definitely proven the effectivity of PSTD style. By the way, if anyone of you would like to know further about PSTD, just move your legs to Yayasan Amal Ikhlas Building, Jalan Fahrudin, Tanah Abang, Jakarta (in front of Hotel Millennium).

Afterward, throughout the year 2007, I was introduced to another style of Pencak Silat, it was Cingkrik Goning. Cingkrik Goning is a Pencak Silat Betawi style and Bapak Tubagus Bambang is the highest teacher. I used to call him as Babe (it is a respecting call for the eldery in Betawi culture). I recognised Cingkrik Goning from Forum Pecinta dan Pelestari Silat Tradisional (FP2ST). We are practising silat frequently on Saturday morning and Sunday morning at Padepokan Pencak Silat, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta.

FP2ST also organizing another courses of silat styles such as Gerak Gulung Budidaya ti Pajajaran and Cikalong. From this community, I was opened to another horizon of Pencak Silat. I met new friends, new teachers, attended meetings and showcases. I just really amazed with it. Another point is taken from Pencak Silat that I love and admire very much. It is togetherness. I am vert fond of it although we used to spend most of our time in simplicity. That is what I really admire about it. As an added information, you will have tons of information on Pencak Silat and chances of discussion in and You may find silatindonesia community in Facebook as well.

Now I am 27-year-old and I am still in love with Pencak Silat. At the moment, I have learnt at least three styles of Pencak Silat. They are PSTD, Cingkrik Goning, and Silek Harimau. The last one is originally from Minangkabau and the teacher is Edweel Yusri Datuk Gampo Alam. I am familiar with this style when I was visiting PSTD’s office at Gedung Yayasan Amal Ikhlas. Bang Edweel is working in Yayasan Amal Ikhlas Building. He was also the choreographer for all fighting scenes in Merantau movie (a famous Indonesian silat movie). More or less, Pencak Silat certainly has captured both my heart and my soul. In my next silat note, I will write further about my experience in PSTD.


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