Guru (3)

All through the day and through the night, the voyage of Tuta on the river of life at Nagari Muliya come to an end. Take a look back to his voyage, Tuta was delighted at his good fortune that God gives to him. He knew that in several months, he is the alumnus of Nagari Muliya. He remembers those times when he had many pleasant talks with the Pratama students. They have so many good things inside. One of it that makes Tuta so proud until now is the winning attitude. They have the will to achieve the best. They have the mentality to be a champion, at least with their own life.  This is proven with both Bramantya and Caraka students. Bramantya students are the winner of Path of Prasasti and Caraka students are the winner of Ornament of Orators. Path of Prasasti is a competition among the Pratama students – represent by each class, to be the best in presenting the idea and thought about making Prasasti which will be the base to build a Tjakra. On the other side, Ornament of Orators is a competition to be the best orator. In this game, only class with good communication skill and strong knowledge can reach the top. Brahmana Surya and Resi Macan is the initiator of those games. They believe if those games are a good way to train the students in getting the Sanalika. Tuta is praying the best for the student’s life.

Tuta realized, this story only a phase in his life at Muliya Amuktie. Having set all his affairs straight, Tuta travelled to the next voyage – with promises that he will be friend for people with vision and positive energy for the rest of their life. Will this be just a story, or will be a legend – an everlasting one? Only God knows and time gives the answer. After all, if we do not have the universe.. We will be in the dirt, designing stars..  of ours   and make they come true. Right?

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