Guru (2)

At the first day of being a young Resi, Tuta felt a little bit of nervousness. He has been the Guru of ancient skill of Tamtama for years. But this one is different, yet similar. Something of it gave him the nervousness. It is the Sanalika – essence. It is not an easy thing to teach.. So many people can speak about Rasa Tjakra, but only some of them who get the Sanalika. However, Tuta reminded himself if that is a normal feeling. It was one of small obstacle which able to conquer. So Tuta did his responsibility and taught the Pratama students every part of Langkah Rasa Tjakra lesson. Kelid, seser, sabeulah, dibelah, geuweukan, sasastra, and others. Tuta felt if it was lucky for him that he met the Pratama students. These students were very kind. They have fresh and raw spirit just like their age. He listened and shared stories with them, and interacts with them as long as he cared to do so. One time, Tuta had conversation with goddess of goodwill, wind, and birds. They asked Tuta about the knowledge from his young Resi experience. Instead of giving straight answer, softly, Tuta gave them these words.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend time with a person who makes you feel like you could let down your guard and just be comfortable? Whose voice soothed and at the same time could really cherish you? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to experience? I get the feeling that this could happen most of the time or just.. right now.”

“You know that feeling when you have an instantaneous connection with someone?

You know, that mysterious link that just makes you feel like you’ve known someone for ever… like you were meant to know them… and it is almost as if your future’s right in front of you… when you feel that… it’s almost like a physical click…?”

“How could you be Tuta?” bird asked, “Once you said if you have no interest at all to be a Resi. Whatever that made up your mind now, I hope and pray if you get these goods which belong to you.”

Looking to the sky, and visualizing if he had conversation with his students, Tuta said gently, ” “I find that when I let those thoughts run through your mind, keep seeing the pictures and feeling the feelings, for whatever mysterious reason, your mind moves in a new direction. It’s like there’s another part that you want to take on.” He paused for a second, and then continuing his words.

“I find that when I let those thoughts run through your mind.., do you feel that temporary little shift to confusion? I find that when I let me teaching run through your mind…, it almost seems like you’re looking at those thoughts as something you have to have. There’s another part you have to take on, a much bigger part that you want to take on now.”

“Then, let it be if it has to be.” The goddess of goodwill said.

to be continued

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