Guru (1)

In a mountainous and 10.000 islands of Nusantara there was, a school of the most surprising and great reputation that well-known all around the nation. It was surrounded on all sides by steep and rocky mountains, rising into peaks, which were always covered with mist of challenges and temptations. In this school, people are educated to be a leader; hero; champions; winners; a mighty person, resilient, with staying power inside their mind, body, and soul. Some of the students and alumnus might be not real heroes who were expected, but they, the heroes, do always exist. As long as cowardly act lives, courageous act lives next to it; as long as evil lives, good lives next to it. All the things always live in balance, darkness and lightness, cruelness and good deeds. Why? Because bad things will always followed with good things just like rain season brings summer season. People love heroes; mighty persons, put their trusts and believe, and receives bravery from their example – bravery and boldness which make human able to go forward, subjugate their life challenges. This school is not made for quitters, whine, and pathetic persons. This.. is.. Nagari Muliya.

Nagari Muliya was divided into two levels of students. The 1st level called Pratama and separated into four classes. They are Aksara, Bramantya, Caraka, and Dahana. The 2nd level called Rasatantra. Those level made based on the Tjakra experiences of the students. From Rasatantra level, there a student named Tuta. Though, there were times when he was not content, or probably it is just his feeling. One of these times happened to be, when, bored out by the routinely of his school, he had sat down to rest at a Dangau behind the school. At the same time, one of the Resi – lecturer, went into the Dangau where Tuta was rest. Sitting next to Tuta, the Resi gave Tuta a question, “Tell me,” said he, “ will you or your friends be a young Resi for Pratama students?”

“Pardon me, Sir,” replied Tuta, “What’s the purpose of Nagari Muliya offering to the Rasatantra students to be a young Resi?”

“In the future,” said the Resi kindly, “Nagari Muliya wants to have Resi with teaching experiences. This school wants to develop this skill to the Rasatantra students and hoping that one day, in the future, one of its students will return with their experience and knowledge that has been proven and share it.”

Just as he spoke, there came a wind, whispering to Tuta’s ear, ”You’ve been offered this opportunity before. Will you reject it again? Or take it? It’s up to you. As you know, your life, your destiny is in your hand.”

Deep inside his heart, Tuta agreed with the wind. His destiny is on his own hand. What kind of life does he want to live? An ordinary life, a good life, or… a great life? Tuta already knew the answer even before the day he was born. Being a young Resi maybe one of the way from God to reach his vision. And then he accepted the offer and took the steps to be a young Resi for Pratama students of the 1st year. He was chosen to be the young Resi for Langkah Rasa Tjakra lesson at Bramantya and Caraka classes.

to be continued

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