Insomnia is an Act of Forgetting Something without Surpassing the Past

Once I had a dream. I have forgotten the exact time but it was a distinct one, though. On that dream, I saw a black male with long-curly hair wearing a blue-sky coloured T-Shirt. He was walking down the road, on a sunny day with a cool sunglasses. However, the most interesting part was not the guy, the road, the sun, nor the sunglasses. It was the T-Shirt itself. On the T-Shirt, a sentence is written, a unique one and remains on my mind until now. Insomnia is an Act of Forgetting Something without Surpassing the Past is the sentence.

The next action after having the dream was searching on the internet and find out what is the meaning of insomnia. I wish to know the description of it from the trusted sources. Next, here is some explanation concerning insomnia. According to Wikipedia, amnesia is a condition in which memory is disturbed or lost. Memory in this context refers either to stored memories or to the process of committing something to memory.

Furthermore, amnesia can be divided into two forms. They are anterograde amnesia and retrogade amnesia. Anterograde amnesia is the ability to memorise new things is impaired or lost. A person may find themselves constantly forgetting information, people or events after a few seconds or minutes, because the data does not transfer successfully from their conscious short-term memory into permanent long-term memory (or possibly vice versa).

The good example about this kind of amnesia was the role that performed by Drew Barrymore in 51st dates. Then, retrogade amnesia is a person’s pre-existing memories are lost to conscious recollection, beyond an ordinary degree of forgetfulness. The person may be able to memorise new things that occur after the onset of amnesia (unlike in anterograde amnesia), but is unable to recall some or all of their life or identity prior to the onset. Based on the definition, those words that appeared on my dream seem have the closest meaning with the first one, the anterograde amnesia.

The finding of the connection between my dream and the reality carry me to another direction, why did I have the dream and why do I have a big interest with these words, Insomnia is an Act of Forgetting Something without Surpassing the Past? Is it a sign of something, the cause of something, or is it just a dream? I hope I will find the answer and probably, I will share the information with the other.

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