Sharing Fortune among Nations

The achievement of developed countries has happened due to several variables. Two of these variables are good education which creates high quality human resources and raw materials as the production input for branded products that is taken mostly from developing countries.

Since poorer nations have became one of significant factors that take wealthy nations into their existing level, many activists have forced the governments of wealthy nations to give something in return, i.e., nutritious food which is affordable and high quality education as well. In reality, those grants have been done as scholarship for third-world countries, high quality and reasonably priced for the poor, and other similar actions.

In a separate side, the actions of developed countries have a potential downside. There is a possibility of heavily-dependence by poorer nations to the wealthies. As an example, some of poorer nations unable to create and provide high quality education in their own country and disability to offer nutritious foods as well as drinking water.

However, with all those calculated results of the positive and negative side as of sharing fortune from developed countries to the poorer nations, contributing to ensure basic needs always available such as food and education remain important to a certain extent. In order to avoid the possibility of dependency from developing countries, wealthy nations had better create a formula that addresses those problems in a sustainable way.

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