Cheesy Wijsman Story

Some of my friends commented if this story is cheesy. It’s up to them though, everyone has their opinion. Even if this story is cheesy, this is a cheesy Wijsman story, a distinct one because I made this based on true event.


“To love does not mean to possess.” I heard those words from you when we were inside the room of a girl whom you love.

“At the moment where your couple and yourself love each other, but your love can not be unified… It just, it feels so hurt. The most painful feeling in love, and I have it …now.”


I remember those moments, as clear as the sunshine itself. We were sitting together on the campus’ stairs, and then taking pictures, lots of pictures together with her.

The moment when we were locked together inside the computer lab, together, and there was nobody but us.

While we were talking, smiling to each other, at lots of moments…, on the same chair, the garden chair under the tree. And still inside the campus.

Next, remembering that time, our last time when we were talked together through Yahoo Messenger, a day before she were taken to the hospital.


There are too many beautiful memories remind me of her, an unforgettable moments.

Now and forever, there will be no more fond memories can be made together with her.


Thursday evening, September 11th 2008, she left this world forever. Now she has stayed at the memorial place. Even though she has gone, I still remember about books and movies which she liked.

Twilight, PS. I Love You, If Only, The Notebook…


Recently, I had a conversation with her parents at her house. As time goes by, a lot of new things about her are revealed.

Through her diary, I know if she wanted to wear scarf.

Because of the people around her, I know if she loved me.

She spoke about me with her mother frequently.

Finally, I realized if I love her as well.

But the feeling was spoken on her last moments of her life, while she was lying unconsciously on the hospital bed. Better late than never, I believe that she heard what my heart has said to her inside her dreams.

Along with her journey to another world, I will always keep all the beautiful reminiscences of her inside my heart and my soul. I believe that the meaning of love is caring all the entire aspects toward somebody, both the perfect and imperfect side.

Sometimes, my tear is falling. It was fallen when the ghost of her came across my mind. However, life must go on. The only thing that I am able to do now is praying for her, wishing for her happiness and serenity.

To love does not mean to possess….

Everything existed in this world is belonged to The Almighty. Nothing lasts forever but God. She has returned to His side, so am I in the end.

I am going to pass through my life as well as possible. I will do every message of her as my appreciation. I will bear this moment on my mind as one of the most precious moment in my life.


What happened happens as The Almighty has made the note.

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