Recently I read news about using of animal for research purpose on bbc news. Those articles were interesting. According to the articles, there are protests against animals of being used for human benefit in every part of the world. The protests are also entering the medical worlds where animals were used in researches. These uses range from basic medical and biological research, to study diseases, to learn viruses’ effect, and to assess the safety of chemicals for developing new medicines.

Basically, I would rather comment from the realistic side. I have a mother who works on medical faculty as lecturer. During my childhood, I have accompanied my mother on her works for several times and I would say that using of animals is essentially used to know how the human body would reflect and react in order to ensure medicine effectiveness and its safety, which means my opinion is on the same line with the article. Related to the experiments in the first passage, some groups question the scientific validity despite the vast majority of the scientific community believes that research using animal is vital although they know that animals are not perfect models.

However, the public have to be realistic in delivering the issue. Animals are still the best model at the moment as a part to make a high standard of researches. As said by Professor Ian Roberts who has done the studies of TGN1412 drug, the debate of this issue is hysterical, too much emotion involved, and not much science. Nonetheless, advances of knowledge will be finding new ways to replace and reduce animal use.

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