Global Warming

Global warming is the main environmental issue of the world nowadays. There are many causes that have initiated the existence of global warming. One of the causes is continuing use of fossil fuels and CFCs.

Fossil fuels have become the foundation of economic development in the developed countries. They use fossil fuels in their daily activities such as driving the vehicles, operating factory machines, turning on the light, and other similar actions. CFCs play similar role in making the life easier. People use CFCs as a part of aerosol, refrigerator, and air conditioner.

Fossil fuels and CFCs are well-known as the major cause of global warming based on several studies. As an example, fossil fuels release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and then increase the world temperature, melting the ice in the north and south pole, and finally rising the sea-level.

Therefore, if the people of the world have willingness to stop this continuing destruction, they have to reduce the use of fossil fuels and CFCs. The advances of knowledge have found several ways that are able to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and CFCs. For example, the invention of biofuel, or hybrid car which is consuming very small amount of fossil fuels. Starting to use those inventions will help in creating sustainable ways in order to preserve the earth.

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