A Reflection

At dawn,

I sit in silence, re-trying to find the meaning of life

Looking back to the old pages of my life, the present, and the empty one – the future. Time is moving on without a space. The shadow of my colourful childhood is elapsing. Sometimes the colour turn itself into ash coloured, even dark and black. However the bright colours which represent happiness, joy, laugh, and fun able to cover it. I know that I am capable to go through the obstacles, I am able to walk strongly on my own legs. I will tackle all the barriers persistently because I believe that God loves me, my parents love me, and I myself love them.

Then the shadow goes into my teenage phase. I feel the ash coloured again, even darker and deeper than before. Yet again those bright colours which represent happiness, joy, laugh, and fun able to cover it. I am standing still, since my conviction is stronger than before. God always loves me, my parents always love me, and my closest people always support in every pace of my life. Yes, God has given the grey, dark as well as black colour into my life pages since the day I was born. Nevertheless, He knows about me deeper than I am recognizing myself. He understands about my knowledge, my resilience, my strength, and my doggedness able to conquer all the challenge and then continuing my life journey. I am proud of myself as well in overcoming the difficulties that is given by God. I have to say thanks to God for all His blessings.

So many life lessons that I have derived and all are more precious than everything that is written on a book. I am nothing if I am nobody in the eyes of God. I will be somebody if I am someone in front of Him. I am going to be more complete when I am someone which have valuable meaning in the eyes of the society, even if God allows me to, in the eyes of the world. Cause as I experience it directly and realistically, it is going to be a very precious gift in my life.

At this time, the sun is rising. My age is continuously adding itself and my burial time is getting closer. It means, my life time is getting lesser. Have I done valuable things for the people as time goes by?

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