A Scoop of Gintong

I am considering myself as a scholar, rebel by nature, traveller, both in life and mind. That is the reason why there are only small number, very small indeed, of persons able to understand what is on my mind, what am I going to do next, or what do I want to do in this life. Lots of my female friends spoke that they easily read people especially male, but I am an outlier. Even after months spending times together in the school, they are still unable to recognize me deeply. Everything about me that is written inside their mind would be swept away either sooner or later. I will not argue with their opinion since I only share my innermost thoughts with less than four people in my whole life.

On the same road, similar with Casanova (the legendary Italian seducer), I am amusing myself by studying people and everything that related to them. I would take the word “pleasurable” to study about this world while passing through it. The world is a fascinating place to live. You may find so many questions scattered around and they attract you in an unpredictable way. Once a problem solved, then another question is going to arise. That makes my mind incapable to stop from questioning.

By questioning everything, my soul will always exist. My spirit will always have his adventures around. Crossing boundaries, exploring everything whether it is realistic or not, pursuing the meaning of well-being, and wearing different hats in many forms would describe me well. Yes, I am the citizen of the world.


One thought on “A Scoop of Gintong

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