Cigarette Addiction

Addictions are so hard to overcome, especially cigarette addiction. So many people forgo the health opportunity after quit from smoking. Smokers have devotion that creates a necessity of cigarette. When they are smoking, cigarette gives them a passion of merit, peaceful, masculine, and other superficial feelings. They are derived by cigarette producers through marketing and promotion, such as event, advertisement, free-sample cigarette, and other similar activities.

All the activities have done by cigarette producers which mainly focuses on young generation with age started from 18 to 25. Government shall concern about this matters. They can not just disregard this destruction any longer. Once this youngsters become smokers, they will give bad influence toward other. Such as the smoke caused by the cigarette will have the possibility to make others get unhealthy condition.

With these problems, government has to make major transformation in their policies about cigarette. In reality, government seems to give so many facilities and privileges for cigarette producers. Government are like oblivious person. If government still taking no heed, young generations of Indonesia definitely in a major dangerous situation.

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