Gossip = Trash

Gossip is an idle talk or groundless rumours (The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 1984). For me, an idle talk or groundless rumours similar with trash news, so that most of times it lead us into negative results such as hatred and dispute. The negative result occurs because a gossip stands on illogical basis, unethical, and works on subjective purpose instead of objective purpose. With all those negative results that may happen, Islam (my religion) forbid its follower to gossiping. Going further, Islam consider a gossiper as eating corpse of own friend. I would rather agree with the prohibition.

Unfortunately, gossip has strong roles in our daily life in every field. Usually gossip takes unimportant topic of personal matter as its subject. That is the reason why those gossiper derive nothing which has valuable meaning.

On the other side, gossip is a legal proof that some of the people like trashy talk about others, especially if one has negative issues. This reality reveals that human relation never runs smooth. Good news or positive matter toward somebody is not a good story.  Do the gossiper realize that when they are gossiping toward somebody, they have unhealthy soul? Unluckily, I was part of this horrible and sick society and probably, I am still one of them.

Then, how to deal with it? One thing that I know is being an educated person only reduce the possibility of being a gossiper. May be this habit roots from bad characteristics of a human. To avoid myself from gossiping, I will not admit as a holy one or someone that has no mistake at all. I am aware that I have sins. I will always mirroring myself and do double-check whenever I hear gossip toward somebody. Hopefully, I am able to avoid gossip with those actions.


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