The Aphrodite Language (2)

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The wind is blowing again, smoothly, silky, and then sweeps the young man’s lip. A kiss from the girl also incorporated itself in the flow of the wind. Together with a message from the heart, that the girl really feels what the young man is felt. That the girl also eager to spend the rest of her life with the young man, to become the partner of his heart and soul forever. A fragrance is following and touching the young man’s sense of smell, which makes him believes more to the girl.

It is a firm belief that this girl is the partner of his life and the companion of his heart. And he has a faith that he is already in love with the girl before the meeting. The young man believes that his faith towards the girl would make him able to run through days and nights, travelling the sky and crossing the ocean, and after that makes the girl able to understand an absolute beauty, inside and outside. Makes the girl’s soul stay young even if her age is getting older, tearing the cry of joy while together with him, in every single breath.

“Do you know about a feeling…, a close, strong, and real relationship with someone?

Do you sense…, an existed mysterious connection, a connection that makes you feel like familiar with someone for a long time or in other words… your whole life?

It feels like has been destined to you to know him… your future lies with him… and you feel like… you have a physical and emotional bonding… all can be felt at a glance.

Like the river end up in the ocean, that is the meaning of your existence for me. I will take you with me, and you will take me with you as well… In every line of time,” said the young man.

“For me…, our meeting is a precious gift. You words have entered my body and brimming together with the movement of my desire. Your life essence has revolved together with mine and has spoken through my soul. Such a waste if I deny it. I hope and pray that I do the right thing and I believe in it…

Like honey from the bees, your sweetness will linger on me wherever you are. You make my life complete. You are my dream come true. I have listened to my heart and I believe you.

I always think of you although you are not on my side. My love to you is honest… and pure,” replied the girl.

At the moment after her words, the girl’s inner core was living forth the most compassionate scenes of contentment, and as her soul presses the young man firmly in his soul as well, a sky of bliss seizes them together.

What happened happens, and the young man is smiling and saying thank you to The Almighty for the note that He made for him.

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