The Aphrodite Language (1)

It is hard to believe what he has seen. The young man believes that he is getting closer to the fulfilment of his dream, a time-consuming dream. He believes that God has laid down a lot of signs along his way of life. Nevertheless, God has given His love as well to him in order to reach and accomplish his desire. But he still has scepticism inside his heart, is this sign… truly the signal of the completion of his lengthy dream?

At the moment, time feels like getting slower as if it stop twinkling in the end. Silenced and frozen, he sees the girl from distance. Now, the girl is stepping closer to the oasis of life. Her long hair is loosened beautifully by the wind. So exquisite, so lovely. The soul inside the young man’s body is thundering and boiling as the girl’s appearance is getting obvious. Unconsciously, his feet are moving them self toward the girl. His feet are moving like being controlled by unseen spirit. Though, the young man enjoys the feeling inside him, the feeling that drives his uncontrolled action. All over his body feels warm and hot at the same time, yet very comfortable to the softest tissue of his body. Heart is beating, blood is rushing fiercely, and he aspiring to keep those feeling inside. Because the young man knows that this feeling is rarely often to be felt in his entire life.

Finally, the young man is able to look at the girl’s eyes clearly. Her look makes him feels happy. Then he sees a smile is painted on her lip, although thin but able to breach the silence. At last, he looks at her appearance completely. Her enchantment, her aura… which is glowing out of her has entered his body, have lulled him inside and outside. Now the young man realized, if he only listened to the theory or words before, at the present he is experiencing it lively, barely. At this time, he understands a language that is able to be understood by all races, tribes, religions, and nations. A language that is able to be recognized without saying a single word. A language that is familiar with all human’s heart. A language that is able to make Adam ate the forbidden fruit with the consequence of leaving heaven and spending the rest of his life in the earth with Eve. A language that is able to gather two different hearts and souls, when two pair of different eyes are looking to each other. Just like the situation that has happened to them at the moment.

The girl is still smiling, probably because of the frozen young man looking at her. Her smile makes the young man think that the girl share the same feeling with him, the feeling of affection, and the language of love as well. A language that does not need any explanation, even if the earth is stop moving since this language is eternal. The young man believes that God has stated his meeting with the girl and the girl is destined to run through the life along with him. Both they will experience a pure and honest love.

to be continued…

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