Deterioration, failure, and all forms which describe nonaccomplishment are an evidence if the passion is not accented enough. I disagree with the opinion, to a certain extent. It seems to me that the writer of this quote never has experienced anykind of failure in his life or if he has been in those kind of situation, he has presumed that he did not have enough desire to accomplish the task.

Failure happens in all aspects of our life. If it does not happens, we can not be a better person for ourselves and others. Without failure, we will not get any knowledge or advantage.  Failure makes people become wiser. Greatest people of the world exist after experiencing so many failure in their life, taking the knowledge, and then knowing how to step further and to avoid the same failure in the same situation and condition. The example of these people are Muhammad pbuh, Sir Winston Churchill, Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein, and many others. Sir Winston Churchill once has said if failure is an act of moving from one to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

Greatest invention in this world is also derived from many kind of failures. It is clearly perceptible if the inventors of the innovative products have never  forgone with what they have done. We will not be able to ride on an airplane when the Wright brothers have no devotion with their work. Probably we are still using torch in the night if Thomas Alva Edison has given up easilly with his task. All these people believe and always paying heed in what they do.

Based on the examples above, one thing that we shall bear in mind is these people able to reach their goal with strong confidence in what they do. If we have no confidence, it means we have no desire or the desire that we have is not strong enough. Strong confidence delivers us to merit result either in short term or long term. When we have strong confidence that rely on robust basis in everything that we do, impossible is nothing in order to reach our dream.

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