Jobless - pic source: Vibiznewsdotcom

Jobless – pic source: Vibiznewsdotcom

Maybe jobless is another form of the devil itself. It creates problem to everyone who possess it. Jobless means problem for a country, problem for the family since there is no source of income, and problem for oneself that lead into humiliation and feeling of no use.

When a country has a vast number of unemployment, it means a problem has existed in the economic system. The production of goods and services are decreasing, the consumption is going down, afterwards the economic growth is slowing down as well.

For the family, when somebody who becomes the source of income is loosing his job, problems  will emerge and then multiply themselves just like virus. Healthy and nutritious food will not be in sufficient amount anymore, family member won’t be taken care in a good manner, and house management is going to be a harder chore.

For oneself who is jobless, one will stress out, tetchy, and possibility of reducing ability in emotion management. This means one will suffer physically as well as mentally.

And the question now is, how to solve this problem? There are too many variables that have relation with unemployment. A bankrupt company, personal choice, or laziness only some of them. Different factors mean different formula in a bid to solve the problem. Even though the formula is created, does the problem will be solved in short-term or in long-term? Does the answer is adressing the sustainability issue? Staring into the abyss of economic crisis definitely the thing that must be avoided. One thing for sure, the older the world, the more complex the problem.

The important thing is not to stop questioning – Albert Einstein

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