Being a traveller is extremely fun!!!

Have you ever seeing the beauty of the lake at Kintamani, Bali which is located between the valleys of the mount?

Or may be sensing the hard and strong impression of Mount Bromo and Mount Batok?

Touching the thousands year age of Ka’bah?

Hmmm, how about admiring the result of human architecture in the middle of 20th century, Australia Opera House?

Have you ever tasting canned grasshopper from Thailand?

Directly looking at the beauty of the biggest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls?

And lots more?

Those only can be felt, if we become a traveller.

Before, let us make it clear first about the meaning of a traveller here. Traveller is an entity which is different with a tourist. Why? Because traveller is somebody who:

  1. Constantly calculating costs,
  2. Supplied with small amount of clothes and pants,
  3. Take care of their own needs by them self,
  4. Arrange their travelling schedule by them self,
  5. Usually carrying backpack, not suitcase,
  6. If they’re back to their homeland, prioritizing to carry experiences during their travelling rather than carrying souvenirs which only add more cost to their baggage

While tourist is somebody who:

  1. Having no or little problem about their costs,
  2. Supplied them self with clothes and pants which sometimes a little bit over,
  3. Others already take care of their needs, starting from visa (if you go abroad), ticket, holiday schedule and other miscellaneous,
  4. Usually carrying suitcase, not backpack,
  5. If they’re back to their homeland, their souvenirs probably fill the whole suitcase….

Which one will you choose? Of course everyone have their own right to make their own decision. But, if you want to feel the true spirit from travelling …be a traveller.

Being a traveller will give you sense which is impossible to get if you become a tourist. You will have the chance to understand deeper about culture of a nation, if you become a traveller, because travellers have to control of them self and are not being controlled by tour guides or their schedules. Get the chance to feel God creation in many things further. Whether it is meeting with various races, cultures, natures, and other things which will not be found in other places. So many things and experiences are gathered that is unspoken by words if we become a traveller, not tourist.

Being a traveler also, will train our autonomy. Try to take care of your own visa without the help of travel biro or others (in the other hand, taking care of visa in Indonesia is not an easy thing to do). Try to leave your homeland and back, all alone. Try to go along the city roads in foreign country without the help of a tour guide. Sometimes, while we lost in a foreign place, which is lived by foreign race, and talk with foreign language can be very challenging, interesting, and fun! Start it from small things. The younger, the better. Are you able to do it before teen age? But it is a pity; the traveller way is not the way for spoil, whine, and pathetic person. It is made only for the brave and autonomous person, especially… if you’re a male. Dare to?

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