The Significance of Education

Education is peremptory when a country wants to develop their economy and other important aspects. Based on several studies, the development of a country boils down to the quality of the human resources rather than the natural resources or long history. High quality human resources are derived from good education. This means, education should be the pillars of the growth of a nation.

While creating the education policy and strategy, the government have to make it ideal in terms of available to all elements of citizens. No matter where one lives, rich or poor, they deserve a non-discrimination education.

Regrettably, in certain parts of the world, in example developing countries, the government’s policy is still discriminating. National examination as a single-way policy to measure the education quality is only one case. It seems the government oblivious that they are not able yet to provide an equal quality of education such as equivalent infrastructure for the urban and rural areas.

Education in Finland - pic source: ayratmusindotru

Education in Finland – pic source: ayratmusindotru

On the other side, Finland would be a great example of a nation that can provide a high quality education for their people. Finland have became a nation with most satisfying quality (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2003) and the assessment was using PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) method in a bid to measure the student ability in Science, Reading, and Math. Moreover, Finland is also excellent in the education of mental-disorder children. To make it greater, Finland able to achieve all the results with lower education expenses than those of other identical European countries.

In the end, only by realizing the frailties and stop ailing children and students as the main entity of education, a nation would move into a better direction. The government with poor result in developing education for their people had better create a clear and comprehensive education policy that involves all factors that have relation in creating a good and ideal education.

4 thoughts on “The Significance of Education

  1. You are right in mostly developing country the entrance in any college is given on the basis of their last class exam numbers, but in higher education only marks is not the symbol of intelligence, their creativity, skills and ability also should kept in mind. education must be less expensive and creative. Most student cann’t take their higher education due to expensive nature of study.

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