Time Gives the Answer

Emerald and sapphire of Jawadwipa

Pearl of Banda

Silk of Mormosa

Diamond of Uzbekistan

Amethyst of Philippine

Much more beauty in all over the direction

Created by God

Made by human

All just the outside

Will it seen by perishable eyes?

Is it deeper than the ocean?

Only visible by the eye of the heart…

Only can be felt by the deepest soul

Closed both side of the lips

Smell scent that embraced

Rooted from the core of the earth

May it utter all the stories?

Stories… which is unrevealed by the words?

That is the pure genuineness

But why most of human constantly

choosing the outside?

Is it must be aware… by the flow of noon and night?

If that’s what should be..

Let the time

gives the answer

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