A Scoop of Gintong

I am considering myself as a scholar, rebel by nature, traveller, both in life and mind. That is the reason why there are only small number, very small indeed, of persons able to understand what is on my mind, what am I going to do next, or what do I want to do in this […]

Cigarette Addiction

Addictions are so hard to overcome, especially cigarette addiction. So many people forgo the health opportunity after quit from smoking. Smokers have devotion that creates a necessity of cigarette. When they are smoking, cigarette gives them a passion of merit, peaceful, masculine, and other superficial feelings. They are derived by cigarette producers through marketing and […]


Deterioration, failure, and all forms which describe nonaccomplishment are an evidence if the passion is not accented enough. I disagree with the opinion, to a certain extent. It seems to me that the writer of this quote never has experienced anykind of failure in his life or if he has been in those kind of […]